Facial rejuvenation with botox and hyaluronic acid

Facial rejuvenation with botox and hyaluronic acid

The facial rejuvenation treatment with botox and hyaluronic acid (better known as fillers) are used world wide by the international certified plastic surgeons guild as one of the preferred methods of rejuvenating “sans-surgery” for the treatment of wrinkles and facial flaccidity; since it is also a relatively easy procedure, it does not require recovery or special care and of course free of any complications.

When talking about facial rejuvenation, dr. Speziale uses a modern application technique based on an approach called mdcodes, which is the latest in facial rejuvenation with hyaluronic acid; this renders a very natural, fresh and youthful face without losing expression in the facial features.

“the idea is to look for in the face, the closest results as possible to nature, rejuvenating, displaying a youthful face; but witout altering the facial features, without making them excessive and being able to keep using them; that is, that the patient can keep taking care of their skin and disguise the expression lines without losing continuity in the treatment”….. Dr. Speziale comments.


  • The botox helps prevents and decrease wrinkles and some facial expression marks. The doctors have discovered that if used in small dosages it helps to block the nerve signals that make the muscles contract. When applied to a specific part of your face, the muscles relax in that area and in that way you achieve to soften wrinkles and expression lines; for that reason it is not only used for decreasing and preventing wrinkles in the face but also for therapeutic applications like hyperhidrosis: eliminate excessive sweat in the armpits, and some facial tics.
  • It is a relatively easy treatment. The botox gets applied by way of injections which take only a few minutes. No anesthesia is needed and the pain produced by them is mild.
  • After the injections have been applied, you need to wait about a week to see the results in your face.


Now if during a facial rejuvenation treatment, you combine botox and fillers (hyaluronic acid), the results are fantastic, since each fulfills a different function: the botox visibly reduces the wrinkles and decreases the expresion lines, while the hyaluronic acid or filler, as indicated by the name, refills the furrows, fades the bags in the lower eyelids and gives volume to the cheekbones and other areas where the tone has been lost due to aging. The most common are the nasolabial furrows (furrow going from the nose to the mouth); it is also used to reshape the upper or lower lip, back of the hands, cheekbone augmentation, chin and to refill the brow furrows.

Practically none of the injectables have an allergic reaction; and the product that dr. Speziale suggests to use are absorbable and last on average of 18 months. Using dr. Speziale’s modern treatment technique it is greatly recommended that both methods are combined for a much more rejuvenated face.

Dr. Speziale offers great results. Located in la paz and los cabos, mexico which has become the home of his practice for the last 6 years. Check out the photo galleries to asses his results.