Many people dream of giving their glutes a bigger volume and achieving a more round shapely harmony. Reconstruct, increase in size, improve and lift the shape of your glutes all is possible thanks to the autologous fat (of your own organism). With this procedure you can improve and give more firmness to this very important part of our body and appearance.

The technique of lipotransference consists of injecting treated fat to get natural results that are permanent. This is achieved through a glute filling technique. This is a safer procedure than the implants because the injected material is your own tissue.

The glute augmentation with lipotransference is recommended for people that want permanent changes. This is a technique that yields stable results for the longterm. To go thorugh a buttocks remodelling of this type is to look for a non temporary improvement.

In which cases is a glute augmentation recommended?

  • Elevation and glute augmentation. The objective is to create a bigger volume and give more prominent glutes to people with small glutes. With the augmentation, patients get a better contour than just straight lines.
  • Correction of glute asymmetry. When the buttocks are not symmetrical at all or have a very different shape, the autologous fat injection is recommended.
  • Repair and remodelling caused by traumas or injuries due to accidents. In theses cases, volume can be given to achieve a natural appearance.

Particulars of glute augmentation with lipotransference.

  • The results look very natural, that is because the fat is produced by the own body therefore there are slim possibilities of rejection by the organism.
  • The incisions of the liposuction are very small, so there are no indications or scars to give away the procedure.
  • Once the glute augmentaion has taken place, the discomfort in the glutes is minimal.
  • 14 days after the surgery, the patient can return to their work activities.
  • The volume of the glutes can vary after 1 year if the body reabsorbs the injected fat.
  • If you are considering getting the gluteoplasty done, be mindful of having a trustworthy and certified plastic surgeon who can explain all the details of this procedure for your particular case. If you need more information, write or call us. We can clarify any doubt you may have.
  • With that in mind remember that “absolutely nothing other than our body fat is authorized to be injected”.

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