Breast augmentation

The breast augmentation achieves a fuller more firm bosom helping correct the sagging through the use of sillicon implants. At any rate, the individual’s anatomy and the size of the implant affect the degree of this benefit. Many women opt for a breast augmentation in conjuction with a breast lift to give their bosom a fuller and more firm appearance.

There are various reasons why women choose to get a breast augmentation done. Pregnancies and breast feeding, and changes in weight have a significant impact in the volume, firmness and symmetry of the bosom, making women feel insecure or dissatisfied with their appearance. Others feel like their bosom is underdeveloped and want to have a fuller bosom, in proportion to their bodies. Many women after the procedure feel a renewed sense of confidence and are happy with their new and improved image.

The breast augmention can:

  • Increase the size and projection of your bosom.
  • Improves the balance of your figure.
  • Improves your image and confidence.

Is this right for me?

  • All the women are candidates for the breast augmentation, Dr. Manlio speziale performs many breast augmentation procedures a year, making it the aesthetic procedure practiced the most by dr. Speziale and the world.

What size should I choose for my implants?

  • The breast augmentation is not one size fits all. Your best friend can be sporting a double d bosom, but your figure would be more adequate for a c cup. Take into account the proportions of your body, talk with dr. Manlio speziale, about the result that you wish and consider his feedback before making a decision regarding the size of the implant.
  • The patients in consultation try on different sizes and then decide on the size. Of course, dr. Speziale as your plastic surgeon gives you his opinion and recommendation but ultimately the decision is always the patient’s.

How is a breast augmentation carried out?

  • In the breast augmentation, there are three type of incisions, a periareolar, that is around the areola; the other is the sub-mammary which is placed slightly above the sub mammary fold of the bosom; thirdly and practiced infrequently is through the arm pits. The technique to be used is decided by your plastic surgeon dr. Speziale, according to a variety of factors determined once he has evaluated the patient.

Results of the breast augmentation

  • The breast surgery, including the breast augmentation and lift, are procedures that can drastically improve a woman’s look. Meanwhile some of the results of the breast augmentation are visible right away, the final results can only be appreciated weeks later, once the swelling has subsided and the bosom has settled in its resting place.

What will the breast augmentation not do?

  • The breast augmentation does not correct the severely sagging bosom, if you want your bosom to look bigger and to regain firmness due to sagging, a lift will be required in conjuction with the breast augmentation.


  • Do not move your arms during 8 days, this is to avoid disturbing the pectoralis major and the wound. The forearms can be moved.
  • I do not recommend the use of bra, post surgery.
  • Return to normal everyday life after 10 days..
  • Physical exercise after 3o days.

The first step towards having beautiful breasts, is to book an informative consultation with dr. Speziale to learn about his options. If you wish to meet Dr. Speziale and talk about his personal aesthetic objectives, please call our office (612) 129-5252 or send us an email.

Sucessful breast augmentation cases

Aumento de Senos por Dr. Manlio Speziale

Aumento de Senos por Dr. Manlio Speziale

Aumento de Senos por Dr. Manlio Speziale

Aumento de Senos por Dr. Manlio Speziale

Aumento de Senos por Dr. Manlio Speziale

Aumento de Senos por Dr. Manlio Speziale