The bichat bag surgery or bichectomy looks to improve the facial features creating an optical illusion of having a longer slimmer face, improving the aesthetic and facial harmony. The bichectomy removes part of the fat in the bichat bags.

The bichat bags are located in the cheeks and extend to the temporal region, these bags of fatty tissue are within the muscles.

They tend to add big volume to the cheeks in some people. Therein lies the necessity to remove part of this fat in some people.

The result of the bichectomy is to achieve an optical illusion in the profile region of the face, accentuating the cheekbone and the jawline and sharpening the facial contour, making the cheeks less pudgy.

We need to be clear that, if we are talking about facial harmony, we have to understand that in many instances, there are other structures that need to be improved as well (nose, chin, double chin…) to achieve the expected results. For this reason bichectomy can be carried out on its own, or in conjuction with another procedure, like rhinoplasty, mentoplasty etc.


  • The incisions are done inside the mouth, at the secondary molars level. From within a 2cm incision there, part of the fatty tissue gets removed.
  • La bichectomía es un procedimiento seguro, se realiza con anestesia local, no tiene complicaciones y la recuperación es rápida y sin dolor.
  • The bichectomy is a safe procedure, done with local anesthesia, has no complications and the recovery is prompt and painless.
  • This procedure in average lasts 30 minutes.
  • The final results will be seen after 1 month. They are permanent.
  • The stitches can be taken out after the third or fourth day.


  • During the first days after the surgery you might experience: mild inflammation in the cheek area and a little pain.
  • The diet needs to be bland for one week.
  • Ice needs to be applied to the cheek area for 20 minutes every hour during the first 3 days.
  • You need to stay home in moderate rest. Do not do anything strenuous and avoid the dew.
  • You can carry out your every day activities, avoiding sun exposure or exercise.