Breast reduction

Breast reduction is a procedure that many women resort to because they want to have a more balanced look, or to alleviate the discomfort caused by big breasts.

As indicated by the name, breast reduction is a surgical procedure that dr. Speziale recommends to his patients that look to reduce the size of their breasts, achieving harmony between the size of the mammaries and the rest of the body and improve their posture as well.

Through the mammary reduction surgery, dr. Speziale is able to reduce the fat, the glandular tissue and the skin of the breast to make them lighter, firm and of course smaller. This surgery can also reduce the size of the areola (the skin around the nipple and slightly darker)

Who is a candidate for breast reduction?

That would be women with the following ailments:

  • Sagging breasts and stretched skin.
  • Chronic back pain, neck and shoulders.
  • Chronic irritation in the skin under the breasts.
  • Bad posture.
  • Dent in the skin of the shoulders due to the brassier.
  • Difficulty in finding clothes that fit well.
  • Self-esteem issues due to the big size of your breasts.

How are the incisions in the breast reduction?

Reducción de Senos por Dr. Manlio Speziale


  • You can return to normal every day life after 48 hours. The majority of the discomforts are controlled with the medication prescribed by your plastic surgeon, Dr. Speziale.
  • The bandages or wound dressings will be removed in a few days, being substituted by a special holder, which should be carried in the manner indicated by Dr. Speziale.
  • After the reduction it is normal to sometimes have decreased sensitivity in the nipples; this is generally temporary, except for in some reductions it can be permanent,but only 1% of cases.
  • The stitches get taken out between 7 and 14 days or whenever dr. Speziale indicates.
  • After the mammary reduction you can go back to work in 2-3 weeks, although in a few days you can return to an almost normal life.
  • You should limit heavy physical activities during the first weeks, or until fully recovered from the operation.

If you are ready to get a reduction in the size of your breasts, book an evaluating consultation to talk with Dr. Speziale and clarify all of your doubts about this procedure; in addition you can discuss with him the best options for your case. Call us at (612) 129-5252 or write us at [email protected]. Book an appointment.

Sucessful breasts reduction cases

Reducción de Senos por Dr. Manlio Speziale

Reducción de Senos por Dr. Manlio Speziale