Your Destination of Peace and Tranquility in La Paz.

Whatever you need for your next plastic surgery, the All Inclusive Plan

We offer the best reasons to plan your next pleasure trip, and we call it a pleasure trip because the place where Doctor Manlio Speziale lives is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Mexico: La Paz, BCS. And why not? If you are already planning a visit here, take advantage of your visit to have your Plastic Surgery here and get the results that you really desire!

Here are the reasons:

 Quality, experience, innovation, security and confidence in the professionalism of our Medical Team are crucial for a successful Plastic Surgery and for this reason we have the best trained and experienced staff for before, during and after your surgery. Dr. Manlio Speziale has more than 30 years of experience as a plastic surgeon, both esthetic and reconstructive, and will be performing all surgical procedures. Would you like to know more about his professional background and experience?

  Booth the Offices of Dr. Manlio Speziale as well as the Hospital Clinic “Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe” are the best equipped, hygienic and certified for ambulatory surgical procedures and short term care. The comfort and security of our patient is always our number one priority in our services.

Equipo médico del Cirujano plastico - Manlio Speziale

  During your stay with us, we look to satisfy your needs, as well as offer you the highest quality service. You will receive personalized service from our entire team, and we’ll hold your hand through the entire process from pre-operative through post-operative services up until the end of your treatment.

  Our patients enjoy their stay in the exclusive Resort “Las Colinas in Costa Baja”, situated in an idyllic location with incredible views of the Sea of Cortez. The Golf Course, Beach Club and largest marina complex in Mexico offers an ample selection of excellent restaurants, as well as large pools, gym, Jacuzzi, and spa services.
After the first few days post-surgery, you can take advantage of tourism in La Paz and enjoy all our city has to offer. Check the section: ¿Qué hacer en la Ciudad de La Paz?

Las Colinas - Costa Baja

How can I Schedule my first appointment?

Virtual Consultation

  • 1. You need to enter the section Virtual Consultation located in the upper right hand section of this web page.
  • 2. Fill out the “formulario de preconsulta” (Pre-consult form) and attach several recent high quality photos that focus on the areas you wish us to treat (in the Virtual Consult section you will find instructions on how to upload your photos)
  • 3. Once the information is sent, you may contact us as follow-up to your solicitation of services vía email: [email protected] or call us at: +52 612 12 9 52 52.
  • 4. Once he receives your information, Dr. Manlio Speziale will contact you for a telephone interview.
  • 5. Following this you will receive an e-mail with an estimate including both the medical costs and housing for your stay in La Paz.

How do I make my reservation?

Once you have had time to evaluate the recommendations of the Surgeon, and accept the estimate of costs, you can send us an e-mail confirming that you accept both the treatment or surgical plan and quote of costs and that you authorize Dr. Manlio Speziale to proceed to make the necessary reservations for the hospital and your resort accomodations.

The surgical services or esthetic treatment will be confirmed reserved when you pay either by bank transfer in the account number we will provide or via PayPal with a receipt showing the transfer in the amount of a 30% deposit of the total indicated in your written quote of your surgery or treatment.

When your payment is received, we will send you your Personalized Trip Program, including all information related to your operation and your stay in La Paz, México. This will include:

  • - Date of your pre-surgery consult with Dr. Manlio Speziale.
  • - Details of the required laboratory and additional medical tests.
  • - Date of your operation or treatment.
  • - Your reservation at Costa Baja.
  • - A list of the preoperative instructions.
  • - Postoperative appointments.

My arrival in La Paz, B.C.S, México

It’s important to notify us as soon as you have your travel itinerary. You’ll receive information about your Resort, and a member of our staff will await you at “Las Colinas” in the Costa Baja Resort to show you the facilities, your room and present the schedule for your visit.

Meeting my Doctor

Depending on the time of your arrival in La Paz, BCS, Mexico, you can schedule your first appointment with your surgeon, Dr. Manlio Speziale for the same day or the following day. During this appointment, you will need to sign the “Consent to Surgery” form, pre-operative photos will be taken and you’ll pay the remaining balance of the procedure selected.

You can have the pre-operative lab work and EKG done in your home town, or if you wish, they can be scheduled for your arrival in La Paz at the laboratory we recommend (these studies are not included in your package costs).

The surgery will be scheduled one day after the preoperative appointment or on the date agreed upon with the Surgeon.

Cirujano Plástico Manlio Speziale

Postoperative Period

Normally the majority of our patients stay in the hospital only for the day of the procedure, as most surgical procedures are ambulatory, meaning you can leave the Hospital the same night of the surgery. You will spend the majority of your recovery period at the Costa Baja Resort. The length of your recovery period there will depend on the recommendation of your surgeon and will vary depending on the type of procedure. During your time in La Paz, your surgeon will schedule two or three follow-up consultations where he will check and/or change dressings, assess your recovery, access your general health and remove your stiches.

Your surgeon will personally give you authorization when to return to your home country.

When you return home

If you have any doubts or questions when you return home you can contact us through either e-mail or by phone.

Additional Optional Services

We also offer you some additional services to make your stay in La Paz a complete pleasure. There are additional costs for these services not included in your original summary of costs and we ask that you reserve these services before your visit to assure they are ready and available for you

Personal Concierge Services - $150 dlls for the length of your stay.

We offer an elite service to make your restaurant reservations, assist in the purchase of food and medications, reservations in the SPA and offer any help you might require to make your recovery stay an ideal experience.

Personalized nursing assistance - $100 Dlls a day.

While staying at Costa Baja, you can request 24-hour personalized nursing care for the period you require. Our nursing staff is completely trained to provide any care needed during your recovery period.

More about La Paz, B.C.S.?

First the airport is only 10 minutes from the city.

In case the airport in the city of La Paz does not have a convenient flight, we suggest looking for a flight arriving to the Los Cabos B.C.S airport, which by being a top international tourist destination, has numerous flight routes to different parts of the world. This airport is located only about an hour and a half drive on the scenic 4 lane highway.

For comfort, affordability and proximity with dr. Manlio speziale’s clinic and with restaurants, pharmacies and supermarkets we suggest these 3 hotels:

    Address: Nicolás Bravo No.590 Esq. Ignacio Altamirano, Zona Central, 23000 Baja California Sur Baja California Sur
    Phone: 01 612 123 6530
    Address: Aquiles Serdán 2042, e/ Allende y Rosales, Zona Central, 23000 La Paz, BCS
    Phone: 01 612 123 2583.
    Address: Km. 7.5 Carretera a Pichilingue, Lomas de Palmira, 23010 La Paz, B.C.S.
    Phone: 01 612 123 1234
  • Hotel Costa Baja Resort & SPA
    Address: Carretera Pichilingue Km 7.5 Zona Industrial, 23010 La Paz, BCS.
    Phone: 01 800 012 3444

The best option for moving around in the city of La Paz is a rental car. Even though it is not a big city and the majority of the services are nearby, it is more comfortable and economical to rent a car. The public transport and taxi service are considered expensive, when compared to other parts of the country.

Here we have found a good link for car rental websites that compares prices and availability amongst all the companies. Website:

The following are an array of the best restaurants in the city of La Paz, there are different menu and price options for everyone’s taste.

  • Bismark-cito
    Type of food: Mariscos
    Address: Paseo Alvaro Obregon, Entre Constitucion e Hidalgo, 23000 La Paz, B.C.S.
  • Mariscos Toro Güero
    Type of food: Mariscos
    Address: Mariano Abasolo, Pueblo Nuevo, 23060 La Paz, B.C.S.
  • Dulce Romero, Organic, artisinal bakery,
    Breakfast, lunch and dinner
    Address: Calle Ignacio Allende No.167, Zona Central, 23000 La Paz, B.C.S.
  • Los Magueyes
    Type of food: Mexicana
    Address: Av. Ignacio Allende 512, Zona Central, 23000 La Paz, B.C.S.
  • Tres Vírgenes
    Type of food: Mediterránea
    Address: Francisco I. Madero, 23000 La Paz, B.C.S.
  • Azul Marino
    Type of food: Internacional
    Address: Carretera a Pichilingue km 7.5, Local 41, Playa del Palmira, 23060 La Paz, B.C.S.
  • Sorstis
    Type of food: Italiana
    Address: Revolución esquina, Constitucion, Centro, 23000 La Paz, B.C.S.

If you are considering coming with family or companions, we provide you with a list of specialized links that describe the best places and activities in the cities of la paz and los cabos.

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