As we age, the effects of gravity, sun exposure, and everyday stress can be seen in our bodies as well as in our faces. Deep furrows appear between the nose and the mouth, the cheeks droop, fat and wrinkles appear around the neck. A cervicofacial lift (cervico refers to neck) cannot stop this process. However, it can “pause the clock”, improving the most apparent signs of aging, tightening the facial muscles, eliminating the excess fat and redistributing the skin of the neck and face.

The facial lift can be done by itself or in conjuction with other procedures like a blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) or a rhinoplasty (nose surgery). The forehead lift corrects the drooping of the eyebrows and the wrinkles on the brow and forehead.

If you are considering getting the facial lifting done, be mindful of having a trustworthy and certified plastic surgeon who can explain all the details of this procedure for your particular case. If you need more information, write or call us. We can clarify any doubt you may have.

Who is the ideal candidate for a facial lifting?

  • The ideal candidates for a facial lifting are those men or women whose face and neck start to show flaccidity but whose skin still holds some flexibility. The majority of our patients are in between 45 and 70 years old, but it can also be performed successfully between 70 and 80 years of age. A facial lift can make a person look younger and it increases self confidence, but it will not give you a completely different appearance. “the beauty of facial surgery is to achieve a fresh and young look without losing the natural expression and features of your face”.

How do you carry out a facial lift?

  • It is always done in an operating room, within a clinic or hospital with general anesthesia. The incisions (cuts then finally scars) generally begin at the sideburns, concealed by the hair, extending by a natural line passing just in front of the ears and continues behind the ear lobe. Typically, the skin gets separated from the fat and the underlying muscles. The fat can be removed or liposuctioned into the neck to improve the shape of the face. Then you tighten the underlying muscles and lastly, the skin, resecting the excess.


Sucessful facial lift cases

estiramiento facial por Dr. Manlio Speziale

estiramiento facial por Dr. Manlio Speziale

Lifting Facial (Ritidectomía) | Dr. Manlio Speziale

Lifting Facial (Ritidectomía) | Dr. Manlio Speziale